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                      About us

                      Shenzhen Blue Technology Co., Ltd. is an industrial automation and equipment technical scheme of tech companies to develop, since established in 2010, the company has obtained a number of core technology patents, for the manufacturing industry to provide advanced, innovative technology solutions and services to support solutions, win the customer confidence. Uphold the people-oriented, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence, create win-win purpose. Key development design and customer technical support. Ensure quality, delivery, promotion efficiency, reduce costs and achieve customer goals.

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                      Contact us

                      Shenzhen Blue Technology Co. Ltd.

                      Company address: Liu xian three road Mabian mansion in 72 District of Baoan District Shenzhen City

                      Contacts:wang wen tao

                      Operator: 0755-2370 7810

                      Fax: 0755-2301 5583

                      Mobile phone: 13632720212


                      Email: wt-w@86blue.com

                      Latest product  

                      ADD: Liu three road Mabian mansion in Shenzhen City 72 District of Baoan District

                      Operator: 0755-2370 7810

                      Fax: 0755-2301 5583

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                      Keywords: CNC4.5 Axis | Pneumatic components | Robotic automation | Waterproof CCD

                      Shenzhen Blue Technology Co. Ltd. all rights reserved.
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